The Jack Temple Trilogy


The first volume Jack the lad covers Jack’s early years as a bachelor and barrister’s clerk learning his trade. This will be the last to be published.

Jack Temple Guilty now published is the middle book. 


The final volume currently in production is Jack Temple Not Guilty and takes Jack through a period of dramatic changes leading up to the present day.

The trilogy is the product of my unique perspective both as a solicitor for 15 years then as a senior clerk / practice manager of chambers in London and Liverpool for 14 years.

You could be forgiven for thinking these books are for the fans of legal TV drama series and box sets such as “Silk” and “North Square”, or "Suits", not forgetting the exploits of Rumpole!

However anyone who has experienced office life can hopefully relate to some if not all of the stories! And those who have not, well enjoy the ride!

Former barrister and writer Peter Moffat has been quoted as saying he believes the legal world is such a fertile ground for drama because everybody's under pressure. This is certainly true of life for the clerks in Barcourt chambers, especially senior clerk Jack Temple.