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I'm Bob Moss, author of "Jack Temple Guilty".

 "I used to be a solicitor but I'm alright now"!

I have been a practising Solicitor and the managing equity partner in a provincial law firm, the first Director of Chambers in London, a Notary Public and was trained as a Mediator.

I first had the idea for Jack Temple about 25 years ago but there was never enough time to sit down and write the story. Only after I retired was I able to focus on writing. It is such an empowering experience, I can thoroughly recommend it.

I started work at 18 in a solicitors’ office and was taken on to do 5 years as an articled clerk. That route into the legal profession rather than go to university meant my training had a greater focus on office management.

This would help enormously when it came to becoming the managing equity partner in my firm of solicitors and later as a senior clerk / practice manager in barristers' chambers in London and Liverpool.

For more than a decade I also produced and edited "Clerksroom", a magazine for staff in chambers. I ran a buying group for chambers and law firms, and provided products and services for the legal profession.


I am a fair weather golfer, preferring to play abroad whenever possible. My hobbies now include watching rather than playing sport generally and Liverpool FC in particular.

I live with my wife on a Greek island.

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