I was lucky enough to photograph one of the great legal fictional characters posing in a Fleet Street window many years ago.


The main characters of Jack Temple Guilty are:

Jack Temple - senior clerk

Jack had recently become the senior clerk at Barcourt Chambers in the Temple London. His roots were in the East End where he learnt as a youngster to be streetwise and how to fight to keep his job and chambers together in difficult times.

Jason Middleton – Deputy Senior Clerk

Jack’s deputy Jason was ambitious but willing to learn from Jack, going on clandestine missions to seek information to help Jack get the upper hand.

Christian Bennett - 1st Junior Clerk

Christian [Gordon] Bennett, at times a little naive, enjoyed the banter of the all male clerks’ room learning every day how Jack handled one crisis after another.

Dillon Hart – Junior Clerk

A bit of a lad with the ladies, often punching above his weight in that department. Lacking in maturity which he needed to learn from his seniors and betters.


Jenny James - Junior clerk

When Jack introduced the first female clerk Jenny James into the testosterone-fuelled atmosphere of the Barcourt Chambers clerks’ room, everything changed. So did the atmosphere gradually change throughout chambers.

Members of Barcourt Chambers include:

Sarah Ryman is a bright young barrister with a secret past who is seemingly caught red handed taking drugs in chambers by Nathan Blake, a jealous contemporary of hers. He plots with colleagues in the tap room of their local pub, the Red Lion, to have her expelled from chambers.

The Head of chambers, Charles Wadsworth QC does not handle the situation well and alienates some of the chambers management committee, especially the well-respected James Campbell who sees Wadsworth as the weakest link.

Jack spends a disproportionate amount of his time clearing up the mess his counsel leave behind. None more so than Christine Denton, an attractive vivacious character who plays the game of hide and seek with her clerks on a daily basis.

Enter the rising star, Nicola Mortimer QC, an elegant personal injury barrister from competing chambers. Jack wants her to become the new head of chambers, much to the disgust of Tom Wallace who believes that role is his by right. He is old school and a senior member of the management committee. He makes it his mission to have Jack removed from chambers.

Elizabeth Richardson – Solicitor client of Barcourt Chambers.  Jack’s long running affair with the Birmingham female solicitor and client of chambers threatens Jack’s career and his marriage.