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 "A good read with a surprising ending - 

Very few of us have ever entered barristers’ chambers. If we imagined working there it would be with a group of law-abiding, caring people.
This story creates a different picture. Jack Temple, a senior clerk, introduces us to characters who are scheming, back-biting and sexually mobile."

 "A comprehensive inside view of the Legal Profession-

An intriguing & entertaining insight into the complexity & sometimes conspiracy of Chambers. A very pleasant read."

"Brilliant. Could not put it down-

Excellent insight into the legal profession. Great characters. Can't wait for more exploits in the next volume!"

 "A New insights into the legal world

Five stars for unique insights into the legal world. This book opens up the world of the clerks room in chambers focusing on the senior clerk Jack Temple - hero of the book
The book touches on a range of contemporary issues: misogyny, sexism, class and more then a dash of romance. It's a fast read, ideal for airport or beach.

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